Applied mathematics in marketing

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- Applied mathematics in marketing,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了市场营销中的应用数学。市场营销是为了满足消费者的需要,企业对其生产的产品进行推广,从而实现消费者接受其产品,并获得消费者的购买意见,从反馈给企业之后的产品生产、营销方面采取一些积极的措施。企业在市场营销的过程中,采用的方式大都是数学方法,因为要计算在市场营销中获取的消费者意见资料的分析结果,对产品价格的制定要进行分析,广告费用的预算情况分析,采用数学方法的同时也是要注意计算机方法的运用,一些数据的分析只用人工的计算还是不够的,计算机也是能够更加准确的计算出数据之间的关联,但是重要的还是运用数学的思考逻辑和推理能力。


Mathematics plays a very important role in our learning career, and marketing is a comprehensive subject. Now the application of mathematics plays an important role in marketing. There is a close relationship between marketing and applied mathematics. In the current marketing, the general use of mathematical methods and ideas is also to promote the development of marketing.

Mathematics in our life is the most widely used, mathematics is derived from life, at the same time is to serve life. Our life contains a lot of mathematical information, it can be said that no one can leave the mathematical life, mathematics in our life is also closely related. In recent years, marketing has also received more and more attention and attention in the society. People put marketing and mathematics together. What kind of sparks can be generated from the collision?

Marketing is to meet the needs of consumers, enterprises to promote their products, so as to achieve consumer acceptance of their products, and obtain consumer purchase opinions, from the feedback to the enterprise after the production of products, marketing to take some positive measures. Enterprises in the process of marketing, using the way of mostly mathematical method, because in the process of marketing to calculate gain consumer data analysis results, the product price formulation must carry on the analysis, the cost of advertising budget situation analysis, using mathematical method and should pay attention to the use of computer methods, some data analysis with artificial calculation is not enough, the computer is able to more accurately calculate the correlation between data, but the important thing is to use mathematical thinking logic and reasoning. In the analysis to solve the enterprise marketing environment problems, market competition environment and market demand, more scientific and reasonable formulation of marketing strategy, so that enterprises in the market competition to obtain more competitiveness.

In order to emphasize the importance of marketing in the development of enterprises in today's society, the marketing strategy of enterprises is getting more and more attention. To a large extent, marketing theory also emphasizes the importance of marketing. In product research and development, production and sales of enterprises, the most important step is product research and development and sales. It is precisely because of the market information obtained by marketing that enterprises can give scientific, reasonable and constructive opinions on the development of products, so that enterprises can develop products more suitable for the market. Therefore, how to make products more recognized by consumers in the market is a major research topic of marketing. Then, the influence theory is vividly explained with the concepts commonly used in mathematics, so that its theory can be reasonably spread in enterprises and further increase the performance of enterprises.

To express the concept of marketing by mathematical operation is also to better enhance the dependence of consumers and make the marketing theory of enterprises more accepted by everyone. Traditional way of marketing has been is not applicable to the current market economic system, now marketing more variety, especially in the network marketing strategy, but also attract more potential customers, but the key is the customer's trust, this is also the long-term development of the important core point, use some mathematical calculation equations can be express customer dependence and enterprise economic growth.

One of the most common sayings is that data speak for itself. No theory is as intuitive as the actual data. For enterprises, the data they need to pay attention to is how to increase the number of customers and the sales volume of products. These questions in the consumer data, the use of data tables to illustrate the enterprise these questions.

The marketing of enterprises needs to be closely calculated by means of mathematics, so that their marketing plans can be adequately guaranteed and enterprises can obtain sufficient profit and benefit. This is also the reason why many enterprises need a large number of actuaries, usually insurance companies. But there are plenty of companies whose decision-makers do not calculate so closely.

The marketing problems of enterprises need to be solved through mathematical modeling, which gradually occupies an increasingly important position in the economic field, and people pay more and more attention to the use of mathematical models. Using mathematical method to study the marketing problems of enterprises not only enriches the methods of marketing, but also further promotes the development of marketing and improves the research ability of researchers on marketing problems. In marketing, the establishment of mathematical model is through the full arrangement of data, list survey, and then draw graphics to describe, which also USES very complex mathematical formulas.

Time series analysis model, it is the sales sequence is decomposed into the long-term trend, cycle, cycle fluctuations and uncertainty factors, through the analysis of these factors, make sales forecast, if there is independent of the relationship between these factors, for the additive model, add those four factors, link between if factors, by using the multiplication model.

After determining that there is a linear correlation between the two variables, linear regression model analysis can be carried out on the variables. Linear regression is to find a straight line between correlation points to express the quantitative variation relationship between two variables. Usually good mathematical model is set up after, can forecast the enterprise market, the relevant indicator values into the model, can obtain model regression results, these results are generally predicted value of related economic indicators, although is predicted, but is calculated based on the scientific and reasonable approach, is also has important reference value.

Of applied mathematics and marketing to make the connection between the elaboration, manifests the applied mathematics knowledge to solve marketing questions, using the theory of mathematical concept is commonly used to define the market marketing, added to the market marketing theory by using the data form, at the same time, this paper introduces the mathematical modeling is widely used in the marketing, whether it is or linear regression model, time series analysis model for the application of mathematical methods in the marketing is all there is a big boost. In the following economic development, if the application of mathematics and marketing organic combination, so that enterprises achieve more long-term development, is the need to focus on.


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