The impact of us tax cuts on the corporate economy

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The impact of us tax cuts on the corporate economy,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国减税政策对企业经济的影响。美国减税政策的实施,将直接导致企业的税负减少,企业的可支配现金流增加,企业的融资压力也相对减少了,可以进行更多的生产经营、投资、研发活动。这样一来,美国企业的生产效率相较于其他国家就相对提高了。高税率让企业看到的是创业的机会成本高,而且预期的创业回报率低,就会使得创业的动机较弱;低税率带来企业的高效益,减税对企业的生产效率的影响是随着时间的推移先增加后减少的,存在长期的收敛效应,有利于改善美国经济过去几年增速缓慢的状况,缓解低迷的市场信心,使美国大企业多年囤积在海外的利润回归到美国,增加美国的经济总量。


In November 2017 and December 2017, the us house of representatives and the senate respectively proposed and approved the latest us tax cut bill, and the joint committee will finally work out a unified tax reform plan through consultation. The most significant tax reform in 31 years for the world's largest economy will have a major impact not just on the U.S. economy, but on the world economy as well. The tax reform is mainly about lowering the threshold of enterprise income tax, individual income tax and individual income tax. Inheritance tax, the abolition of the alternative minimum tax and other aspects of reform. Though the tax reform may bring the U.S. economy is government deficit increases, market interest rates increase, inflation and other issues, but for U.S. companies, such large-scale tax reduction behavior, directly to the enterprise income tax by the top tax rate to the lowest tax rates in the OECD countries, it would improve attractive market in the United States, may be because of the tax reform, coupled with aggregate demand, the consideration of factors such as labor supply, saving and investment, to attract more enterprises investment in the United States, American companies to bring overseas profits, make the United States as the biggest tax havens, eventually to the United States play a role in promoting economic growth.

Tax reform will bring certain influence to enterprises in investment, financing and continuous operation. From the perspective of business, explore the impact of the tax cut in the United States on businesses in the market. Over the past three decades, China and the United States have continuously integrated and developed their economy and trade, and gradually become each other's largest trading partner. The changes in the economic policies of China and the United States have affected each other's economic trend through the RMB exchange rate mechanism and trade and investment relations. It is also interesting to see what impact the U.S. tax reform will have on Chinese companies.

By lowering the individual income tax rate and raising the tax threshold to reduce residents' personal income tax expenditure, at the same time, raising the exemption amount of estate tax or abolishing the estate tax will be conducive to stimulating residents' consumption and stimulating domestic demand.

The new tax reform will cut the corporate income tax rate from 35 percent to about 20 percent, which will make the tax incentives granted by the government more visible to enterprises. The house of representatives has overseas tax profit repatriation the again us tax rate from 35% down to 12%, can attract more American enterprise capital flow, make the manufacturing, heavy industry and tax intensive industry moved to the United States, the increase in the United States economy, expanding domestic demand, stimulate consumption and investment, helps to promote the economic development of the United States.

The tax reform policy contains the simplified content of the tax payment link and reduces the tax payment items. This measure can save the government, enterprises and individuals' tax payment costs and improve work efficiency. Since there are many and complicated taxes in the United States, after simplification, enterprises and residents can reduce the expense of hiring professionals to assist them in paying taxes. Therefore, the simplification of tax items and links should be approved and praised by enterprises and the public.

After the implementation of the tax reduction policy in the United States, enterprises can directly reduce their tax burden, increase their disposable cash flow, and reduce their financing pressure, so they can carry out more production, operation, investment and research and development activities. As a result, American firms are more productive than those in other countries. High tax rate makes enterprises see that the opportunity cost of starting a business is high, and the expected return rate of starting a business is low, which will weaken the motivation of starting a business. Low tax rates to bring the high benefit of the enterprise, tax's influence on the enterprise's production efficiency with the passage of time is reduced after increase first, there is a convergence effect, is helpful to improve the condition of slow U.S. economic growth in the past few years, ease the downturn of market confidence, make large U.S. companies for many years hoarding profits abroad to return to the United States, increase the economy of the United States.

The tax cut policy of the United States will inevitably lead to cross-border capital flows and attract a large amount of capital and talents to the United States, and the increase of the competitiveness of American enterprises will inevitably bring adverse effects on enterprises of other countries. In the wake of the American tax cut, other countries are preparing a series of tax cuts. The German government has pledged to slash taxes on wages and businesses, reducing the annual burden on businesses and the economy by 15 billion euros. The UK government has pledged to cut corporate tax to 17 per cent by 2020, achieving the lowest corporate tax rate in the G20 and building a tax system conducive to business innovation. In China, premier li keqiang promised in the government work report to achieve 580 billion yuan of tax cuts and reductions. With the implementation of tax reform such as replacing business tax with value-added tax and personal income tax, China's tax reduction policy has also achieved certain results.

The implementation of the tax cut policy in the United States will bring a certain impact on the fiscal of the United States government, because the tax cut will certainly increase the fiscal deficit of the government in a short time. Under the current law, the deficit would increase by an average of $150 billion to $200 billion a year over the next decade, according to estimates. This makes the financial revenue and expenditure contradiction more severe, the municipal government faces certain financial difficulties.

Trump has been advocating the return of overseas manufacturing in the United States, aiming to create more jobs in the United States. If the tax policy attracts a number of overseas manufacturing in the United States, it will also bring some environmental harm. The production of manufacturing enterprises requires a large amount of energy and resources, and will also emit pollutants, which will undoubtedly cause certain harm to the ecological environment of the United States.

When the implementation of the tax cut policy in the United States leads to the financial difficulties of the government, it will issue a large number of national bonds, which may lead to the depreciation of the American currency internationally. At the same time, the reduction of personal income tax will increase the national income, which may lead to the increase of consumption and the expansion of domestic demand, thus causing the overall and sustained rise of price level. Therefore, the implementation of tax cuts is likely to bring about a new round of inflation.


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